1.E.Morricone “Cinema Paradiso”Main theme

 2.E.Morricone “The Mission” Theme” Gabiels oboe”

 3.E.Morriocone”Le professionel”  Theme “Chi Mai”

4.E.Morricone”Le professionel” Theme “Ilvento, il grido”

5.E.Morricone”Once upon a time in the West” Main theme

6.E.Morricone”Once upon a time in America” Theme “Friends”

7.E.Morricone “Once upon a time in America” Deborah’s  theme 

8. E.Morricone “Once upon a time in America”  Theme “Amapola”

9.C.Francois “My way” F.Sinatra

10.C.Singleton “Strangers in the night”  F.Sinatra

11.C.Parks  “Sometthing stupid” F.Sinatra

12.J.Kander “New York,New York” F.Sinatra

13.J.Lennon/P.McCartney “let it be”

14.J.Lennon/P.McCartney “Yesterday”

15. J.Lennon/P.McCartney  “Oh,darling”

16. J.Lennon/P.McCartney “Michelle”

17. J.Lennon/P.McCartney “The long and winding road”

18. J.Lennon/P.McCartney “Lady Madonna”

19. J.Lennon/P.McCartney “Penny Lane”

20. J.Lennon/P.McCartney  “Eleanor Rigby”

21.J.Lennon “Imagine”

22. J.Lennon/P.McCartney “All you need is love”

23. J.Lennon/P.McCartney “Here comes the sun”

24.G Harrison. “Something”

25.E.John “Candle in the wind”

26.E.John “Daniel”

27.E.John “Can you fell the love tonight”

28.E.John “Your song”

29.E.John “The circle of the life”

30.E.John  “Sacrifice”

 31.Enya “ May it be” 32.“Shepherd moons” 33.“Only time” 34.“China roses” 35.“Wild child” 36. “Flora’s secret”37. “One by one” 38. “Anywhere is” 39. “Siver inches”

40.F.Lai “Love story”

41.F Lai ”A men and wooman”

42.M.Legrand “Les Parapluies de Cherbourg”

43.M Legrand “The windmill of your mind”

44. Secret Garden  “Sanctuary”,45.”The promise”,46.”Apossionata”, 47.”Adagio”, 48. ”Song of secret  garden”,49.”Serenate to spring”, 50.”Passacaglia”,51. ”Chacone”

52.R.Loveland “You rise me up”

53.E.Presley ”Love me tender”

54.G.Weiss/E.Presley “Can’t help falling love”

55. ABBA “Fernando”,56..”Happy new year”,57.Thank you for the music”,58.”Chiquitita”

59.G.Miller “Moonlight serenade”

60.G.Miller “Serenade of solar valley”

61.C.Aznavour “She”

62.C.Aznavour “Une vie D’amour”

63.P.Sennevil “Ballade pour Adeline”

64.O.Tuscen “Nostalgia”

65.H.Ithier “La derniere vals”

66.J.Kern “Smoke gets your eyes”

67.L.Dalla “Caruso”

68.G.Douglas “What a wonderful world”

69.H.Manchini “Moon river” from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

70.M.Albert  “Feelings”

71.Louiguy/Piaf  “La vie en rose”

72.J.Horner “My heart will go on”  from “Titanic”

73.E.Clapton “Tears in heaven”

74.W.Hector “ Hasta mi final”

75.H.Arlen “Somewhere over the rainbow”

76.C.de Burgh “Lady in red”

77. L.Webber “Memory”  from “The Cats”

78.N.Piovani “The life is beautiful”

79.A.North “Unchained melody”  from “Ghost”

80.N.Rota “The Godfather”

81.N.Rota “Romeo & Julietta”

82.L.Quarantotto/Sartori  “Con te partiro”

83.S.Wonder “I just called to say i love you”

84.M.Jackson “We are the world”

85.M.Jackson “You are not alone”

86.B.Adams “Evrything i do”

87.J.Horner “ The Ludlows” from “Legends of  the fall”

88.H.Zimmer “Tennessee” from “Pearl Harbor”

89.H.Zimmer “Now we are free” from “Gladiator”

90.A.Menken “ Beauty and the best”

91.A.Menken” Under the sea” from “Little mermaid”

92.A.Wright “When a man loves a wooman”

93.D.Warren “I don’t want to miss a thing ” from “ Armageddon”

94.Queen “ We are the champions” 95. “ We will rock you”96.”Too much love will kill you”,97.”Bohemian rapsody” 98.”Who want to live forever”

99.Cold Play “ Fix you”

100.Cold Play “ Viva la Vida”

101.Cold play “ Yellow”

102.Procol harum “A white shade of pale”

103.J.Williams Theme from “Schindler’s list”

104.L.Bakalov “Il postino”

105.A.Silvestri “Forrest  gump”

106.V.Ford “No wooman,no cry”

107.Black “Wonderfull life”

108.J.Barry  “ I had a farm in Africa”

109.L.Cohen “Hallelujah” from “Shrek”

110.M.Giacchino “Disney pixar’s up”

111.The cinematic orchertra “Arrival of the birds”

112.Yiruma “River flows in you”

113.The Corrs “One night”

114.B.Ram “Only you”

115.C.Gardel “Por una cabeza”

116.B.Bacharach “Rainrops keep fallin’on my head”

117.Ben E King “Stand by me”

118.Bon Jovi “Thank you for loving me”

119.Scorpions “ Still loving you"